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There are over 5 million Chinese Americans in the U.S. today, living in cities, suburbs, and towns nationwide.  Thanks to the over 30 Chinatowns, dozen Chinese American museums, and scores of festivals nationwide, opportunities abound to explore this fascinating culture.  


In part, the richness of options is due to the success, contributions and cultural pride of the community it showcases.  Over the past 200 years, Chinese Americans, individually and as a community, have acclimated, contributed and eventually thrived, despite facing repeated waves of anti-Asian discrimination and even violence.  They have higher rates of educational attainment and professional employment, on average, than that of Americans generally.  As they have prospered, many have invested in and supported historical communities, events and institutions.  While Chinatown communities date back to the 1850's, many were revitalized about a century later with elaborate recreations of ancient Chinese architecture.  Today, despite modern challenges, they remain resilient, beautiful, and welcoming.  

Chinatown San Fransisco

  In San Francisco, California,  the vibrant Chinatown is home to beautiful buildings, excellent restaurants, three temples, the oldest cathedral and mission in California, and the acclaimed Chinese Historical Society of America.  The community also hosts a stellar Chinese New Year Festival, 

the Autumn Moon Festival,

and the United States Asian American Festival.

In New York's Chinatown, the fun starts with a Chinese New Year Festival (pictured), and the exciting Dragon Boat Festival in nearby Flushing in August.

The Museum of Chinese in America, the Mahayana Buddhist Temple, and the many historic restaurants and shops can be enjoyed year-round. At the nearby Tenement Museumget a personal sense of the life of families who came from China and other nations in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Chinatown New York.jpg
Chinatown Chicago.jpg

Chicago, Illinois' bustling Chinatown area has been growing in recent years, thanks to both new residents and impressive public investment. Now, in addition to the century-old, lavishly constructed historic buildings, visitors can enjoy the acclaimed Chinese American Museum and its gleaming, state-of-the-art public library.  Just a short walk away, enjoy the riverside serenity of the lovely Ping Tom Pagoda and Park.

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