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The United States is blessed with astonishing cultural diversity.  Our nation's people speak some 430 languages, each with its own traditions, celebrations, and cultural contributions.  We have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy this cultural richness -- in effect, to travel the world while staying close to home.  We can attend a Navaho festival, stroll though a Japanese garden, or see an African dance troupe, all without flying across any oceans.  Even at home, we can enjoy an incredible array of books, movies, series, and websites that celebrate our nation's diverse cultures.  It's fun, affordable, and a great way to get to know our many remarkable neighbors.  

Any time is a great time to be good neighbors, but in many ways it is especially important now.  In the early months of the Covid pandemic, quarantine brought many of us closer to our families; now, as vaccines let us begin to consider domestic travel, but many are avoiding unnecessary overseas travel, it's an opportunity to draw closer as an American family. Even the social and political differences that have driven us apart in recent years can fade a bit when we get to know and respect one another better.  This website can help you have fun, connect and, most of all, make a difference.  Whether you travel or stay home, it can help you to build a more caring American community, one festival, smile or insight at a time. You may also find ways to support local traditional communities, many of which are struggling economically.  As an added bonus, you can save time, money, and energy by traveling, if at all, closer to home.

Schools, colleges, youth groups and civic groups especially can use this site as a starting point for fun and friendly cultural exploration.  Linked websites, books and movies, plus great ideas for field trips and group-to-group connection, can be an exciting bridge to the rich cultural diversity of our nation.  Lesson plan ideas can be found HERE.


You can also connect and make a difference through one of the many nonprofit organizations which work to build bridges, to welcome newcomers, and to support and assist communities in need.  The organizations below welcome your support and involvement, in person or from home, and are a great place to start.

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Every Last One organization.jpg

Every. Last.


Be the Bridge

Be the


Interfaith Alliance.jpg



Partnership With Native Americans.jpg

Partnership With Native Americans

Initiatives of Change organization.jpg


of Change

Color of change organization 2.jpg

Color of



National Immigrant Justice Center

Note on travelling: Before planning any visits, be sure to check the linked community websites to confirm their operating status, which may be affected by Covid-related health concerns. If you go, remember that you are a visitor being welcomed into a home community, and be sure to follow any local health rules.


Note on photos: The photos used in this site are intended to highlight cultures and organizations in a positive way, and it is our goal to be fair in every way.  As a non-profit using photos only for educational purposes, we are permitted the "fair use" of photos of public events and places, but we try to be extra courteous and thoughtful. 

If you have any concerns about a photo connected to your organization or your work, please just let us know. 

We will immediately make any changes you suggest or, if you prefer, remove the photo  entirely. 

OUR PLEDGE TO YOU:  World Culture USA is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated solely to the educational purpose of helping to bring communities together.  We do not make any money, directly or indirectly, from this website.  We do not use or sell any personal information about site visitors, allow any advertising, or accept any payment from the organizations or events described on the site.  Most important, we pledge to do our best to serve each site visitor and each featured community with respect, caring and a sense of shared adventure. 

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