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Imagine yourself strolling along a tulip-lined walkway, in a town of small shops, restaurants and tucked-in canals.  In the distance, windmills turn above fields shimmering with tulips, and nearby bike paths lead along open water.  Suddenly, you hear Dutch folk music, and a troupe of dancers in historic dress -- right down to the wooden clogs -- begin a dance.  Surely, you must be in the Netherlands.  Close enough:  Welcome to Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan!

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Dutch immigration dates back as far as Colonial days, and most American cities with a strong Dutch heritage were settled in the 1800's.  Today, many of the the over 4 million Dutch Americans still celebrate their traditional culture with festivals and heritage villages nationwide.  

A smaller but also

fascinating cultural group is

Indonesian Dutch Americans,

who trace their heritage to the culture formed when Indonesia was a part of the Dutch East Indies.

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These delightful Dutch festivals are generally held annually:  

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Mt. Vernon, Washington 


Pella Tulip Time

Pella, Iowa


Indo Holland Festival 

Long Beach, California


Sinterklaas Festival

Rhinebeck, New York


Albany Tulip Festival

Albany, New York

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Geniet van het avontuur! 

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