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Over the past century-plus, the nation of Hungary has experienced waves of turmoil:  war, pograms, war again, Soviet takeover, and a rocky march back to independence.  The Hungarian American community, however, has enjoyed comparative calm, growth and prosperity.  In Cleveland, Ohio, for example, there were six Hungarian churches by 1900, each serving a lively local community.  By the 1980's, some 113,000 Hungarian Americans called the city home.  While many have now moved to Cleveland suburbs, the metro area community remains vibrant. 


 Hungarian Culture USA   

The Hungarian American community now numbers over a million, including two major ethnic groups.  The largest group is mostly of Hungarian-speaking Christian heritage, while the small town of Kiryas Joel, New York is home to a traditional enclave of Yiddish-speaking Jews from the Satmar Hassidic community of Hungary.

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These fun Hungarian Festivals are generally held annually.

Great places to visit, learn and connect:

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Élvezze a kalandot!

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