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Italian Culture USA

If Italian American culture just makes you think pizza and spaghetti, think again.  While it's true that our nation’s 17 million Italian Americans have enriched our cuisine, their influence is far wider.  In education, Montessori schools have broadened American models of learning. Film directors Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola have enriched American cinema, writers Don DeLillo and Gay Talese loom large in literature, and singers from 50's heart-throb Frank Sinatra to today's Ariana Grande continue to delight.  In politics, the recent House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the dozens of other current members of Congress continue a long line of leaders of Italian American heritage.


Italian immigration peaked between the 1870's and 1920's, creating communities nationwide.  Many cities still retain their Little Italy communities, where visitors can experience a slice of Italian American life. Boston’s North End, for instance, is a vital neighborhood of restaurants and bakeries where the annual St. Anthony of Padua celebration draws thousands.  Vieni, mangia, balla (Come, eat, dance)!

There are wonderful Little Italy communities all across the country.  These are some of the best.

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San Diego, California 

Little Italy NYC

New York, NY

Chicago LI2.jpg

Chicago, Illinois

Baltimore Feast of Saint Anthony

Baltimore, Maryland

Little Italy San Francisco

San Francisco, California

Feast of St. Agrippina Boston

Boston, Massachusetts

Elaborate festivals, often with religious roots, are held throughout the year in most Little Italy communities.  There are too many to list every festival in every community, so these are just some of the many great examples.  If you plan to visit any Little Italy community, be sure to check online to see what festivals are celebrated there. 

San Gennaro.jpg

Feast of San Gennaro

New York, NY 

St, Anthony.jpg

Feast of St. Anthony

Boston, MA

Little Italy Festa Chicago

Little Italy Festa

Chicago, IL


Italian Heritage Festival

San Francisco, CA

Delaware St. Anthony Festival

St. Anthony's Italian Festival

Wilmington, DE

Sicilian Festival San Diego

Sicilian Festival

San Diego, CA

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Goditi l'avventura! 

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