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Photos: LA Times, La Canada Valley Sun

Korean Americans today number about 1.7 million, plus the over 100,000 Korean children adopted by American families.   Like many immigrant groups, Korean Americans are known for settling first in cities, starting small businesses, encouraging their children to achieve academically and professionally, and often eventually moving to suburbs.  Their lively culture can be experienced in historic Koreatowns, urban and suburban festivals, and a soon-to-be-opened Korean American National Museum.  And don't overlook K-pop, the melded, innovative musical genre that's taken teens worldwide by storm.  For those looking for a more down-home musical experience, there's also Karaoke, the sing-it-yourself tradition introduced here by Japanese Americans, but most enthusiastically embraced by Korean Americans. 

These Korean American communities are a great introduction to Korean American culture.  Shop, have some delicious Bibimbap, and, for the brave, belt out a Karaoke favorite.

World famous K-pop concerts feature an exciting blend of American and Korean musical styles:  

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