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Mexico, our closest neighbor to the south, is itself an incredibly diverse nation, with 364 active indigenous groups, more Spanish speakers than any other country in the world, plus Mennonite farmers, Venetian descendants, and a growing number of U.S. ex-pats.  This intriguing mix of cultures has resulted in a rich legacy of traditions, festivals, cuisine and arts.  Happily, with Mexican Americans now comprising over 11 percent of the U.S. population, you can enjoy this fascinating culture right here in the USA.  Mexican communities and festivals exist nationwide, with greatest numbers in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, New York, and Illinois. 

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Love festivals? These lively annual events celebrate Mexican culture -- and, in some cases, other Latino cultures as well -- featuring music, dance, arts and cuisine.  Click below to see festival websites.

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Mexican art tends to be bold, lush and colorful, and Mexican Americans have brought this rich artistic heritage to our nation. The museums and cultural centers below are well worth a visit, with outstanding exhibits and lively events. To see their websites, click below.


San Fransisco, CA




The neighborhoods surrounding each center also offer a fun way to experience the local Mexican American community.  After a leisurely morning soaking up art, ask museum staff what local restaurant serves the best tacos pastor or pollo con mole.

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