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Puerto Rico is truly unique: geographically a Caribbean island, legally a U.S. territory, and culturally a mix of Spanish, African, native Taino, and even some Asian influences.  With nearly 6 million Puertorriqueños living in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Massachusetts and other states, there are a myriad of ways to experience this unique culture close to home.  

The New York City metro area is home to nearly a million Puerto Ricans -- and also to the dynamic and innovative Nuyorican arts scene.  As early as the 1940's, the city throbbed to the beat of Mambo and Bomba bands, creating the musical mecca that later helped shape Nuyorican Jennifer Lopez.  The 40's era Teatro Puerto Rico paved the way for today's Pregones/PRTT, the SEA Puerto Rico children's theater, and luminary director Lin-Manuel Miranda.  Nuyoricans also contribute to our nation's leadership, most recently with Justice Sonya Sotomayer and youngest-ever Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

Great places to explore Puerto Rican culture

pr museum.jpg
Nuyorican Poet's Cafe
ch flag (2).jpg
Florida Puerto Rican Parade & Festival
Puerto Rican Festival of Massachusetts.j
NY International Salsa Congress.jpg
3 kings.jpg

Festivals and parades express cultural pride and share the fun.  Some of the best are shown below.


¡Felices Aventuras! 

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