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  • Vietnamese | World Culture USA

    Today, it's clear that, due to their hard work and successes since, that hope was fulfilled for many. David Duong 's parents worked for years at factory jobs, but today he's a doctor. , many of the nation’s 2.1 million Vietnamese immigrants started small businesses or took demanding work

  • Amish | World Culture USA

    Amish Culture USA In today's stressful world, many of us wish wistfully that we could work close to home It seems to work: Over 90% of young adult Amish choose to stay and make their lives within the community

  • Appalachian | World Culture USA

    Contra dancing, spinning, weaving, writing, nature studies, painting, clogging, metal working and throwing

  • Make a Difference | World Culture USA

    You can also connect and make a difference through one of the many nonprofit organizations which work

  • Cherokee | World Culture USA

    The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians can be found where the Cherokees began, as their 8,000 members work

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