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The 17 major Caribbean islands are among our most exciting and exotic neighbors, representing a rich array of countries, languages and ethnicities.  Each has its own unique culture -- and, happily, most of those cultures are celebrated annually in the U.S. at festivals, in neighborhoods, and at Caribbean cultural events.  Music, dance, and other arts take center stage, with some festivals reflecting the culture of an individual island and others bringing multiple Caribbean cultures together.  

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Image by Robin Canfield

Longing for an island vibe? These lively annual events celebrate Caribbean music, dance, arts and cuisine.  Click below to see festival websites.

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The raw energy of Reggae is part music, part revolution, and 100% hot, hot party.  Born in the Caribbean and proudly incorporating African roots, it is a vibrant part of the U.S. music scene today.  You can experience it at one of the many U.S. festivals, at a local bar band concert, or explore online with sound and video.

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Avantur Kontan!  ¡Felices Aventuras!  Happy Adventures!

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