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Planning a trip? 

Many U.S. states are home to several cultures, letting you explore many cultures in one fun trip.  The states shown below are especially diverse, as a click on each license plate will show. 


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Arizona is a great place to explore Navaho culture, as well as MexicanBritish, Italian, and Irish.


California is home to an incredible diversity of cultures.  See especially San Diego, as well as our pages on JapaneseFilipino, Chinese, MexicanHmongBrazilian, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and German cultures.


Our nation's Capitol is filled with residents, museums and embassies representing the world, as shown on our Super Cities page.  See also the linked site pages for Japanese, Black, Navaho, Cherokee, Pakistani, Chinese, and Iranian.


Colorado has a fascinating history, where you can experience Navaho, German, MexicanItalian, and Irish culture.


Miami and other Florida cities enjoy a wonderful ethnic diversity, as shown on this website and on the state's visitor site.


Tiny Clarksville, GA is the most diverse town in America, while statewide you can explore Black, Cherokee, Pakistani, Appalachian culture and more.


New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana offer a fascinating mix of French, Black, Vietnamese and other cultures.


The many cultures of Massachusetts include Chinese, BritishBrazilian, Italian, Portuguese and more.


New Jersey is diverse and lively, with Filipino, Brazilian, PakistaniItalian, Portuguese communities and more.


New York city and state are great places to visit and learn about both the Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jewish communities, as well as Chinese, Italian, BrazilianJapanese, Greek, Puerto Rican culture and more.


Texas is home to many fascinating communities, including MexicanKorean, VietnameseGerman, British, Pakistani, Nigerian and more.


Virginia has centuries of history as a home to British, Appalachian and Black cultures -- and has more recently welcomed Iranian, Pakistani and Filipino Americans. 

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