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  • Portuguese | World Culture USA

    Today the community is well over one million strong, centered primarily in New England, California and Florida Thriving Portuguese American communities also abound in California, New Jersey, and Florida, each with include San Diego's Annual Festo do Espirito Santo , New Jersey's annual Portugal Day Festival , and Florida's

  • Greek | World Culture USA

    Greek Culture USA Greek American life is vibrant and surprisingly diverse, ranging from small town Florida Other wonderful Greek communities across the U.S. include: ​ Tarpon Springs, Florida boasts the highest

  • Black | World Culture USA

    Film buffs will love the American Black Film Festival , held each year in Miami, Florida. ​ The states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North

  • Puerto Rican | World Culture USA

    With nearly 6 million Puertorriqueños living in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Massachusetts and other

  • Gullah | World Culture USA

    Geechee Culture USA The Gullah Geechee people of the Low Country and Sea Islands of the Carolinas, Florida

  • Brazilian | World Culture USA

    include the popular Brazilian neighborhoods in Asto ria , New York ; Newark , New Jersey ; Miami , Florida

  • Mexican | World Culture USA

    Mexican communities and festivals exist nationwide, with greatest numbers in California, Texas, Arizona, Florida

  • Stellar States | World Culture USA

    Miami and other Florida cities enjoy a wonderful ethnic diversity, as shown on this website and on the

  • Japanese | World Culture USA

    Louis, Missouri Malott Japanese Garden of Chicago, Illinois Morikami Gardens Delray Beach, Florida Brooklyn

  • Super Cities | World Culture USA

    Smithsonian Folklife Festival Videos S Pakhrin Miami Book Fair Miami, Florida Am I in heaven, sings an

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